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This Course is for liscened estheticians or comsotologist only. or esthetician student ONLY. Please email us your licsence number once booking this course.Do no purchase this course if you do not have the following above. 


This course is three days for 4-5 hours each day EXCEPT: Last Day. This Course Includes : 

  • The first day is theory 
  • Second day includes hands on practice. 
  • Last day of training  is content day ( we will go over IG Reel,Tik toks) - Last day is only 2 hours. 
  • 4 month mentershop ( 1:1 call with CEO, Toya/ 1 call per month) 
  • Pro Wax Kit 
  • 1 pair of scrubs 
  • 2 live models ( models are not provided , but can be for an additonal charge)
  • Hands on training 
  • lunch provided both days 
  • Marketing tips and business start up ebook 
  • how to make 10k months ebook 
  • Get a List of network groups and facebook groups to join in the beauty profession 


Cant wait to help you become the next big WAXER. Hope to see you and train with you soon. 




Olive Glow Team 

Graduate Course

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