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How To Start A Waxing Business.

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Wax Your Way to An Incredible Career!

In today’s world that focuses on health and beauty, one of the most utilized esthetic services is waxing. In addition to being a great way to generate income, waxing services are the ideal business to be in business for yourself!

When looking to start your career in esthetics and waxing, you must have the proper licenses to get started. Since this career deals with health and safety, most states require that you:

● Obtain a cosmetology or esthetics license.

● Register your business on the Federal and State level.

● Obtain a physical inspection of your spa if you are not renting a room from a licensed cosmetology service provider.

After you have done all of this, it’s time to put on your waxing gloves, break out your wax pot, and get into the hair removal business!

One of the key ingredients to having a successful waxing and esthetics business is to say what you do! Prior to applying for all of the licensing requirements, you want to pick out a name that states what your business is! For example, “Jane’s Boutique” is cute. However, ‘Jane’s Waxing Boutique” is even better!

Once you figure out what you want to name your business and obtain your logo, you also might want to consider getting a trademark. What this means is that no one can steal your graphics or your name! Remember, this business is going to be HUGE! This is why you started it! Obtaining a trademark to brand your business is a wonderful way to protect yourself in the future!

Please stay in touch and I will continue to provide you with some tips and tricks on how to make a living in the hair removal business! Thanks so much for spending some time with me!

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