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Collaboration Over Competition !

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Collaboration Over Competition Equals Success!

In the skincare and esthetics business, there are many ways where services equal success! One of the core values that I live by as an esthetician is to assist my fellow “Esthys” and turn them into “Besties!”

Let’s face it! (Pardon the pun!) Being in the skincare business is like anything else in life. In other words, some of us are better at different services than others! This is where collaboration comes in. Instead of turning your friends into foes, take a good look at your strengths and weaknesses and come up with a game plan to make everyone a “Yestie!”

Say HELLS YEAH to receiving advice or even turning over a service to another Esthy when you’re not comfortable doing it! Remember client satisfaction is what keeps clients coming back! Don’t let your ego get in the way of collaborating with others in your spa or even in your field!

Embrace the services where you are strong and give away those that you are weak at. Remember, being a great esthetician and skincare specialist isn’t reliant upon perfecting EVERY service in the business. It is about providing the best possible day at the spa!!!

Stay tuned for more great information that will help you become the best “Yestie Esthy” that you can!

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